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Human Capital Discovery Group LLC Teams Up With Skale Education- Virtual Roleplay Management System

Press Release


Human Capital Discovery Group LLC Teams Up With Skale Education-

Virtual Roleplay Management System Creator

Atlanta, GA— Human Capital Discovery Group announced today that they are teaming up with Skale Education, creator of a “Virtual Roleplay Management System” that drives deep learning through 1:1 engagement where the student becomes the teacher.

“Companies' business objectives haven’t changed; how they win in the marketplace has. This partnership seeks to help clients in today’s conditions, by nailing the check for understanding which helps organizations to fast-track reaching their goals and objectives. From onboarding, to on-going sales performance training to special launches and initiatives (i.e. Product launches, Employee Engagement, Employee Culture Checks, Diversity & Inclusion, etc.) The timing of teaming up with such a dedicated and passionate group of educators couldn’t be any better.”

- Mark Clare – Founder of Human Capital Discovery Group

“Human Capital Discovery Group (HCDG) provides results-driven learning models to help their clients lower employee turnover, improve morale and increase productivity--the exact same three metrics we focus on at Skale. We’re excited to bring the solid breadth of experience HCDG has spent empowering organizations and upskilling teams to our customers at Skale. Our technology provides an easy and consistent way to implement HCDG principles.”

- Benjamin Chang – CEO of Skale Education

About Skale Education:

Skale makes the best practices in education scalable and cost effective so they can be used everywhere. The Skale Virtual Roleplay Management System helps teams consistently engage on the topics that matter most to them: organizational alignment, team building, diversity and inclusion, product launches, and/or building competencies in sales and customer experience. As team members connect through Skale’s mobile app to regularly learn, discuss and practice, they become certified to teach others; unlocking the expertise of every team member. For more information visit or email

About Human Capital Discovery Group: The Human Capital Discovery Group (HCDG), was formed to help clients exceed their bottom line goals and objectives by leveraging a firm's most important asset – “Their Team”.

HCDG works to implement a solid immersion process to understand the client’s strategies and tactics by leveraging total team involvement using tools that help individuals create "self-awareness" through a structured discovery process which results in improved "team effectiveness". For more information visit or contact Mark Clare at

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